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Advantages H.U.N.T. Offices – Commercial Address

We are not a PO Box. We are an actual Commercial Business Address that allows Federal, State, and local City entities to recognize you as being at a professional location. This is where you can put your website address, and all your business contact information. Who wants to get a knock on there door at home, when the customer has an issue that needs immediate attention? Get Privacy CALL NOW!! 818-444-8650

Several other reasons to choose H.U.N.T. Offices is our flexibility we offer to the small business. Within a day, you could expand your business and need more space, if that happens just reach out to Helen or Henry and if available we can provide that space the same day. If your down sizing, and need less space we can provide that as well. We are a month to month shop and have even prorated week to week options for operations scaling up or transitioning into the community. 

Here are top five reasons on why you you should choose H.U.N.T. Offices to start grow or duplicate your business:

1. Security and Privacy of Mail:
Mail Security: Private commercial mail boxes often come with enhanced security features, like onsite security systems or cameras and or a full time employee to watch out for unauthorized access to your mail therefore reducing the risk of mail theft.
Privacy and Confidentiality: A Private Commercial Address mailbox provides a physical location address separate from your home address which is especially beneficial for company owners or people who what to keep there home or residential address private.

2. Save Money:
Everyone want to save money right? When your a business owner renting a commercial address can save you money. This is because you won’t have to pay for a large space in an office building. This is great for those who work from home and don’t actually need to pay for office space.

3. A Professional Image for your Business:
A commercial office address gives you a professional street address that you can put on your stationary, business cards and even website. This is more appealing to your customers than a home address.

4. Call ahead to find out if you have mail:
Save time save gas save a trip in traffic by calling ahead or pay for a notification service to get a text if you have mail. You also can find out if your commercial address handler can scan and send mail for when your out of town for a nominal fee.

5. An actual physical commercial location address:
A physical street address with your own private suite number. Not a Post Office Box number or mail box number. This is important when doing business with local or state government entities.


If your looking for the most affordable solution for your business with the most flexibility by getting a Commercial Address, a shared office space or your own private offices H.U.N.T. Offices in Canoga Park will earn and maintain your trust Call 818-444-8650 and just text for an immediate response.